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Welcome to the world of Smarty puzzles! Place that connects and intertwines everday reality with our deepest feelings, be it a desire, fantasy, fear or an urge for excitement and a thrill, Smarty will succeed to extract naughtiest aspects of our inner self. Whether you are an experienced jigsaw puzzler or barely a beginner our unique artistic view of surroundings and sensual, beautiful girls will bring that extra pinch of spice to your table in the form of best quality jigsaw puzzles... Welcome to Smarty's world.


We have established our brand in 2017 with the main purpose to fill the void in the jigsaw puzzle selections offered by the market. Being jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts ourselves we aim to identify and fulfill the needs that certain puzzle hobbyists are striving for but until now could not be answered . We understand that therefore making it our specific goal to achieve perfection in creating an unfolding story with countless details out of every project we produce. Our productions involve many unconventional forms of expression emphasizing different desires, fantasies, dreams, current or past events, sports and hobbies all tinged with inspiring eroticism at its finest.